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Image by Drazen Neske

- Maria P. Arce - 

I would like to greatly thank you guys for helping me with the problem of my house. I was in foreclosure and about to lose my house, I was in a stressful situation, depressed, worried and with no way out. But Golden Choice Homes was able to buy my house. They were able to stop the sale of my house and gave me hope. They stopped foreclosure, save my credit to be clean from a foreclosure and I received money for my house. Thanks to their help, I was able to establish my life and since my record was clean, I was able to apply for a new home. They did everything that was promised to me and now I am able to be at peace with my family.

- Joel Alejandro Morales Rivera -

I worked with Golden Choice Homes in the selling of my property in Oakland, Ca. It was a very easy process to sell and go through the transaction of selling my house. The real estate contract was easy and not a complicated process. I had accumulated 19 years worth of belongings, it was very easy to pick up and Golden Choice Homes was able to get rid of anything unwanted within my home. I also had the flexibility of staying in my house until my new apartment was ready.  I am enjoying my new life in Portland and have Golden Choice Homes to thank, They moved things along fast and at the speed in which I needed to keep my finances along and in tact.

- Cheryl Maiting -

Johnny and I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for all your help in saving Gloria’s home from foreclosure. We cannot express in words the amount of compassion and professionalism that you showed us. From the first time we met with you at the residence, we knew and felt that you had our best interests at heart. You went above and beyond to see this through until the end. We cannot thank you enough for your ethics and empathy during such an emotional and stressful time in our lives.

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